Sunday, July 31, 2011

‪What We Saw at the Save Our Schools Rally in Washington D.C.‬‏ - YouTube

‪What We Saw at the Save Our Schools Rally in Washington D.C.‬‏ - YouTube: ""


Brett said...


So that last guy says our biggest current problem is inequity, yet the problem with competition is it leads to inequity. Hmm.

Brett said...

I think there's some truth to what Matt Damon is saying. Many teachers do a great job simply because they believe in what they're doing and they're altruistically motivated, but unfortunately there are definitely many who are not. Entrance to the profession is relatively easy, with all the benefits and time off it's actually a decent wage, and if you don't care if your students learn it can be a fairly easy job. Even those teachers who get into the profession for the right reasons can get burnt out and could use some extra motivation through performance incentives.

Ryan said...

Yes. I too agree and disagree with him. He's right in the sense some teachers have better options and are in the profession because they like it or want to make a difference in someone's life. But He's wrong to think that there aren't some teachers who really don't have better options, or to think that there aren't some people out there who will seriously slack off when they realize it's really hard to fire them.