Thursday, August 15, 2013


father: "It ought to be obvious that my recollection of my father is not of a very warm human being. It is impossible for me to think of him in relation to the modern concept of “a role model.” I recall only a single time when he picked me up and carried me (walking back from visiting mother’s nephew a few blocks away), let alone receiving a hug. He was mostly withdrawn—he would frequently go outside to “look after the cow” or such, but really just to get away from facing uncomfortable responsibilities he could do nothing about. I never once engaged him in a serious conversation, in fact the possibility never even occurred to me. Although hanging around occasionally when acquaintances—mostly old Bear Lakers--would pay visits, I heard some of his (somewhat narrow) opinions; he could think clearly enough. I very much doubt that he ever read a book, although he did read an occasional newspaper."

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