Monday, November 25, 2013

The good news that there is no God

The good news that there is no God: "But God’s absence also seems to deprive the acts undertaken with such freedom of any lasting significance.  They become as trivial morally as many of them already were in other respects.  Faithful spouses and utterly unfaithful playboys will rot alike, along with their partners, unremembered and irrelevant.  And, if atheism is true, whatever good things it confers (no time-consuming church responsibilities! no boring Sunday meetings! no guilt after getting drunk or spending quality time with pornographic videos! cocktail parties!) come at the high price of living in a universe that is entirely indifferent, one that could, in fact, easily be described as hostile except that it is completely unconscious and lacks any purposes or intentions at all.  Lost loved ones will remain lost forever.  Children will die, and will then be as if they had never lived.  Everything human — the pyramids, happy families, Beethoven’s symphonies, children’s songs, the plays of Shakespeare, memories of holidays at the beach, the sculptures and paintings of Michelangelo — will perish, and there will be nobody, anywhere, to remember them."

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