Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Mormons . Interviews . Marlin Jensen | PBS

The Mormons . Interviews . Marlin Jensen | PBS: "I keep thinking to myself -- and this may sound not very humble -- but as I associate throughout the church and I keep meeting these tremendous people, educated people, accomplished people, artistic people, who are totally devoted to this religion, whether it's [former Mass. Gov.] Mitt Romney or some world-class scientist or whoever it may be, I keep thinking to myself, there must be something right about Mormonism. When is someone going to take notice that there are fine people here in America who, by and large, are going places? ...

I have wondered and worried about why we aren't gaining greater acceptance more quickly and why, for instance, a presidential candidacy by Mitt Romney or anyone else who's a member of the church would be problematic to anyone. I mean, he's in some ways as mainstream as a man can be and has a strong marriage and a good family. He's been successful in almost everything he's touched in life, and you don't read about him. Why? ..."

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