Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge: "Capitalism supplies artists not only with abundant materials and media for producing and sharing their works, but also with the freedom and personal space for them to create.  In stark contrast, communism necessarily prohibits would-be artists from pursuing their muses.  All means of production under communism are owned by the state, and, hence, remain off-limits to artists whose individual plans do not mesh with the central plan.  The nature of a central plan requires that the state regiment each individual to his or her assigned part in that plan.  You can’t have a working central plan if everyone is free to choose his or her own job or free to produce whatever he or she fancies.  If a longshoreman under communism wants instead to work full-time as a poet, too bad.  He can’t.  And if one of the state’s official poets wants to criticize the regime, too bad.  She can’t – unless, of course, she’s prepared to be executed."

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