Monday, January 27, 2014

Mitt Romney: Putin a Better President Than Obama

Mitt Romney: Putin a Better President Than Obama: "Mitt Romney appears to be a sore loser.

 The failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate told NBC News that he thinks Russian leader Vladmir Putin has outperformed Obama  “time and time again on the world stage.”"

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This headline bears no relationship to what Romney actually said. At most, you could summarize Romney as saying Putin is better at foreign policy than Obama. But even that isn't quite accurate. The word "better" seems to imply both that Putin is more capable than Obama, and that he works for ends that are at least worthy of achieving. While Romney is saying the former, I'm sure he doesn't agree with the latter.

Update: Just heard Romney say President Obama is a better president than Putin, but is being outmaneuvered.

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