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Roswell Sr. and Sybil Spencer Stevens - Photos and Stories —

Roswell Sr. and Sybil Spencer Stevens - Photos and Stories — "Little is known of the conversion of Roswell Stevens Sr., born February 17, 1772, at either Plainfield[68] or Litchfield,[69] Connecticut, and of the conversions of his wife, Sybil, born April 4, 1778, at Washington, Massachusetts. He owned a large tract of land in Mount Pleasant.[70] They remained faithful to the end of their lives along with their sons Roswell Jr. and William, their daughters Sarah and Harriet, and their families. Roswell Sr. and Sybil were endowed in the Nauvoo Temple on December 24, 1845. Roswell Sr. and Harriet died July 3, 1847, at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sybil came West and died November 18, 1862, and was buried in Fillmore, Utah. Sarah, born in 1816, lived to be ninety-eight years old and died in Spanish Fork, Utah."

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These are more great, great, great, great grandparents. if you're keeping track, that's 8 (so far) of my 64 grandparents that were baptized during Joseph Smith's lifetime.

Ironically, the only piece of family history I thought I knew--that I am somehow related to Martin Harris --turns out not to be true. As best I can tell, Moses Harris, one of my great, great, great, great grandparents, was not related to Martin Harris in any immediate fashion.  But in the process of trying to figure that out, I learned I am related to all of these other interesting and colorful Mormon pioneers. I feel slightly guilty that I have never really cared beyond a connection to Martin Harris.

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