Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sam Alito: A Civil Man | The American Spectator

Sam Alito: A Civil Man | The American Spectator: "“It was an utterly bogus ethics issue,” he says. He explains that after the case was decided he received, from a law professor representing the man who had brought the suit, a letter suggesting that because of the structure of the fund he ought to have recused himself and thus the case should be reheard. “So I went back and I did recuse myself,” Alito tells me. “The appeal was done over without my participation, and it was decided the same way. Later it turned out I was not under any obligation to recuse in the first place. I had around 300 cases a year on the Third Circuit, so you do the math and see how many cases that is altogether. But I was bedeviled by Senator Kennedy and a member of his staff about this one case. It was very disturbing.”"

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