Thursday, September 19, 2013

Obama Vows to Veto House CR : Roll Call News

Obama Vows to Veto House CR : Roll Call News: "“The Administration is willing to support a short-term continuing resolution to allow critical Government functions to operate without interruption and looks forward to working with the Congress on appropriations legislation for the remainder of the fiscal year that preserves critical national priorities, protects national security, and makes investments to spur economic growth and job creation for years to come,” the administration said."

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Here's an idea for Republicans.

Give the Administration a short-term continuing resolution that only authorizes critical government functions. We're talking critical functions only--not funding as usual. Make it as long as possible. Now the pressure is off. Hold firm on defunding Obamacare, even when the continuing resolution is about to expire. Offer another continuing resolution with similar critical-function-only funding.

If they kept going like this, Republicans in the house could, in fact, significantly cut the size of government.

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