Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Ponderance «

Weekend Ponderance «: "That’s right. Never in my life have I stumbled into a more surprising response than when we have the chance to show some positive economic or environmental information to students, it’s as if I told them the opposite. I mentioned this one the other day in passing, but you should imagine the look on students faces when they do research to confirm that global warming isn’t really going to kill very many people. Tears almost well up in their eyes – and not tears of joy. Or what if you show students the temperature record of flat temps over the last 15 years? Or the fact that extreme hurricanes seem to be less likely now, not more? Or that our air is cleaner now than at any point in our modern history. Or that our living standards are unconscionably better than they were 100 years ago or beyond. And so on."

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