Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekend Ponderance «

Weekend Ponderance «: "Walmart and Applebees and Timmy’s Taco Shack and the like are all bad guys because they are actually employing people and producing things for bums like me. But the rest of us are given a 100% total free pass. I haven’t employed a single person (meaningfully) in my entire life. Not only do I not pay a living wage, I don’t pay minimum wage, indeed I pay less than zero. All I do is “take” from other workers. Yet if I slapped together some bumper stickers and signs, I would be viewed as a champion of workers’ rights?

What kind of logic is this? I am in every real sense an enemy of workers by refusing to employ them myself. Calling me a champion of workers is a bit like a tick the champion of deer."

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