Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Althouse: "Yes, Men Should Do More Housework."

Althouse: "Yes, Men Should Do More Housework.": "All couples are in some kind of an exchange — like the man in the earlier post who seems to have been buying a lady shoes as a way to earn his place in the relationship. We idealize relationships that are mostly or entirely love for love. And how lucky you are if you're in a 100% love-for-love relationship. It's highly rewarding to feel the love, and the feeling is much better if you're in a position to give it, and you never run out. And you get love too.

But there are all sorts of exchanges among couples, from the stark clarity of the money-for-sex exchange that is prostitution on up to the pure ideal of love-for-love.

Where are you on that continuum?"

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I've been thinking about the exchange aspect of marriage in the context of an old, wealthy guy marrying a young, pretty money-hungry bride. Is that arrangement really morally different from paying a prostitute? If so, in what regard?

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