Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Matthews Likens Tea Party to Palestinians | National Review Online

Matthews Likens Tea Party to Palestinians | National Review Online: "The GOP is as difficult a negotiating partner as the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel, according to Chris Matthews.

“It’s like Israel,” he said of Democrats looking to put forward a more significant budget deal and tax reform. “It’s very hard to find a good negotiating partner across the border — in this case, across the aisle — who will stand up to a reasonable compromise.”

In recent weeks, Matthews has spanned the globe in the colorful analogies he’s used to describe the GOP, equating the party to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and arguing that apartheid-era South Africa was more willing to work with Nelson Mandela than Republicans have been with President Obama."

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I can see how Republicans, who are generally pro-Israel, would find this offensive. But democrats, who seem to side more readily with Palestinians, I think would object to the analogy.

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