Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who Is the Constituency for the Budget Deal? | National Review Online

Who Is the Constituency for the Budget Deal? | National Review Online: "That being said, conservatives should not assume that $1 appropriated to national security is doing $1 worth of national-security work. There is a great deal of waste, redundancy, and superfluity in our security spending, and any long-term agenda for fiscal sanity must take that into account. As a matter of political expediency — which is not a trivial concern — it probably is the case that Republicans would cut a much better deal swapping military cuts for non-military reductions when negotiating from a position of power, such as when they are in possession of a Senate majority or the presidency or both."

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Military is a public good, and so as a matter of overarching principle, I think conservatives-republicans are right to support it. But whether to spend on the military is hardly a binary question. I don't know how the average person can come to any sort of understanding about whether our military spending is adequate, without knowing quite a lot about (1) current spending levels; (2) current capacity; (3) needed capacity (4) wasted spending, and probably a whole host of other factors not coming to mind.

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