Monday, December 23, 2013

The Corner | National Review Online

The Corner | National Review Online: "Is someone really violating your right of “free speech” if they’re not using the power of the state to censor you? What if they’re “only” trying to get you fired, shamed out of public life, universally reviled, and left as a laughingstock — all without taking even a moment to address the conservative’s underlying argument? To some, that’s just a battle of free speech (conservative comment) versus free speech (lefty efforts to ruin your life), and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be reminded of the law, thank you very much.

The other side of the argument – the Mark Steyn, Sarah Palin, Charles C.W. Cooke (among others) side — knows and understands that the law is just one part of the mix in the battle over free speech, and sometimes the law matters much less than the culture."

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