Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Educating Zion - Discipleship and Scholarship

Educating Zion - Discipleship and Scholarship: "     I share the next thoughts with you simply because they are especially on my mind.
     One of the striking dimensions of the restored gospel is the democracy of demands. Yet it seeks to build an aristocracy of saints. Certain standards and requirements are laid upon all disciples. The member who is an automobile mechanic does not likely have all the skills of a scholar, and not likely you the mechanic's. But both of you are under the same spiritual obligations to keep the same commandments and the same covenants. Furthermore, the mechanic is under the same obligation to develop the attributes of patience and meekness as are you.
     Frankly, the world holds to no such democratic view. If one is a superb scholar in a narrow discipline, such is considered enough. One so gifted can then be as bohemian in behavior as one likes. But it is not so in the kingdom, is it?"

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