Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Disaster that is President Obama «

The Disaster that is President Obama «: "Regardless of your political affiliation, there is one aspect of the Obama Presidency that should be of enormous concern to all of us? What is that? It is the President’s leadership on issues of race, class and poverty in America. Notwithstanding the typical leftist class-warfare stuff that comes out of his office, the President has been a complete failure, in my humble opinion of course, when it comes to race and urban issues.

Why? Perhaps I unfairly had expectations that being the first black President, that President Obama would use his position to be much more aggressive in getting a message out to urban and black America. If someone is going to be respected and appreciated in the inner cities, surely this President would be the one. But how many major pieces of policy have come out of his office aimed at dealing with what can only be described as chaos in many of America’s inner cities? Where are his prime-time speeches, or long periods in the States of the Union addresses, discussing frankly the problems of crime, prisons, familial decline, poor labor market outcomes, for many in urban and black America?"

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