Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Second, and this point is going to seem to come out of left field to some, is that I find it hard to accept ANY promotion of civic values from the folks that control the educational establishment. It is plain as day that the corpus of thinking in education is “Progressive.” That’s not my jaded view of the world, that’s simply how it is. Fine. Great. So be it. But the difficulty I have is that the Progressive way of thinking is one that is hostile to human populations and improvements in human well being over time. Indeed, it is from within the modern Progressive movement that we hear things like, “what the human race needs is a great virus to come along” and very “serious” thinkers are all over college campuses promoting birth control, population control and other measures (what may they be?) despite the overwhelming evidence that population growth and standards of living improve hand in hand, and that fertility rates fall as living standards improve – even in places where we once thought we had to “leave ‘em for dead” to paraphrase the benevolent and wise Paul Ehrlich."

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