Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obamacare mandate may be delayed - MarketWatch

Obamacare mandate may be delayed - MarketWatch: "The administration declined to say whether people who purchase health coverage late in the enrollment period—say, on March 31—would be exempt from a penalty, even if their policy doesn’t kick in until April or May. Nor would the department give a specific date by which people would need to buy coverage to escape a fine. The HHS official, however, indicated that the administration may extend the deadline beyond Feb. 15: “We are exploring options currently and will issue guidance at a later date.”"

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So we had a shutdown because Democrats would not agree to delaying the individual mandate. But it might be delayed anyway?

If the delay happens, then clearly the shutdown was the Democrats' fault, right? Because all they had to do to avoid the shutdown was delay the individual mandate, which they were going to do anyway.

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