Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Speaker Boehner Announces GOP Conferees on Continuing Resolution |

Speaker Boehner Announces GOP Conferees on Continuing Resolution |

 From the comments:

The time to debate merits or failures of ObamaCare was before it was enacted into law. Or later....WITHOUT holding government services, paychecks, hostage!
We must follow procedures of a democracy, instead of submitting to a coup.

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Democrats keep arguing the American people ratified Obamacare when they reelected Obama  11 months ago. Or that the Obamacare is the law, so Republican's need to accept it and move on. The comment above is a good example.

I agree, Obama was elected. He's the president and has the authority that office gives him. And I agree Obamacare is the law.

Here's the thing though--the republicans in the house were also elected. And the constitution is also the law--infact its the highest law. Republicans in the house are simply exercising the powers given to the house in the constitution--which happens to include the power to defund laws and government. The "procedures of democracy" are being followed.

I have accepted that Obama is president and Obamacare is law (at least for now). Now Democrats need to accept that Republicans were elected to control the house and that the house is not simply there to do the president's biding.

Just because you don't like the outcome doesn't mean it's undemocratic.

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